Bring innovation into agriculture and launch your agri-tech business in 4 days!

The Agrytech Hackathon returns in a third exciting edition! Learn, validate, hack and pitch your agri-food business idea in 4 days. Use technology to tackle challenges in farming, post-harvest, manufacturing and processing, and marketplace, guided by international industry experts with access to a hardware prototyping fabrication lab.

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Field Trip

Discover real challenges facing the agri-food sector with on-sight field visits




Acquire all the information you need to turn your idea into a valid business solution




Develop your innovative agri-food hardware or software solution in 30 hours




Pitch your solution to the jury, receive expert feedback and win valuable prizes



Berytech is organizing the third edition of the Agrytech Hackathon, supported by the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Lebanon. Held at Berytech’s Innovation Park in Mar Roukoz and continuing over 4 days, the hackathon is an exciting opportunity to develop your prototypes and agri-food solutions using technologies such as Internet of Things, Big Data, and Artificial Intelligence.

Throughout the hackathon, you will receive the assistance of technical, industry and business experts, as well as the support of Source Institute with their international experts, and you will have access to the tools and hardware prototyping facility of the Berytech Fab Lab.

Learn more about the Agrytech Program and the different Lebanese agri-food innovations and startups.


Who Can Apply

To participate you can apply either as a team or an individual. You are encouraged to apply if you are a developer, coder, maker, data scientist, creative, innovator, entrepreneur and young professional. You can apply with your own idea, or you can hack one of the preset challenges. The event is open for Lebanese, Syrians and Palestinians residing in Lebanon.


The 4-Day Schedule

  • On Thursday, you will be allocated a field trip destination based on the 4 challenge areas that your solution falls under – farming, post-harvest, processing and manufacturing, or marketplace.
  • On Friday, you will receive a full day of workshops to help you shape your idea, understand the needs of your customers and develop your business model.
  • On Saturday and up until Sunday afternoon, you will be given the time and support to work on your solution and develop your hardware or software prototype.
  • Finally, on Sunday afternoon, you get to pitch your idea to a jury who will then announce the top 3 winners.

In this category, we are looking at solutions to solve challenges from the supply of products and materials to farming practices including harvesting.

In this category, we are looking at solutions to solve challenges from the time the products are harvested/collected till they reach processors or consumers.

In this category, we are looking at solutions to solve challenges from the time the products reach processors through different transformation activities including packaging and distribution.

In this category, we are looking at solutions to solve challenges online or offline in marketing, distribution and exports of products and services.




*4,000$ immediate prize+
2,000$ cash grant during the accelerator program



*2,000$ immediate prize+
2,000$ cash grant during the accelerator program



*2,000$ immediate prize


Discover first-hand eminent challenges facing the agri-food sector with on-sight field visits based on the 4 challenge areas: Farming, Post-harvest, Processing and Manufacturing, or Marketplace.

09:30 am Registration
10:00 am Welcome & Introduction
11:00 am Workshop 1: Finding your flock, meet likeminded people
12:30 pm Lunch
13:30 pm Workshop 2: What’s your business model? Explore your options
15:00 pm Coffee Break
15:30 pm Workshop 3: Spotting your key assumptions
17:00 pm Hackathon Kick-off
08:00 am Breakfast
09:00 am Hacking & Fixer Sessions
02:00 pm Lunch
03:00 pm Hacking & Fixer Sessions
06:00 pm Basics of pitching
07:00 pm Dinner
08:00 am Breakfast
09:00 am Hacking & Pitching Practice Session
01:00 pm Round 1: Pre-selection 1 minute pitching session
01:30 pm Hand in final pitches
02:00 pm Lunch
04:00 pm Final Round: 3-minute pitching session
05:30 pm Closing Ceremony: Winners Announcement


Use your hacking time wisely to build a prototype that showcases your product’s most important features. You will need to present your creative and hard work through:

Your solution will be judged based on:


  • Clearly addresses problem & Market Validation
  • Clear Value Proposition


  • Demonstrates clear customer understanding and empathy, and targets a specific pain, or problem for them.


  • Breaks into the market or society with new idea, device or method.


  • The business model is feasible and can generate revenue.
  • The solution is scalable across markets.


  • The product or service demo clearly exhibits the functionality.


  • Team member backgrounds are clear, fitting with the roles and responsibilities needed to take the idea forward.



By organizing these events under the Agrytech Program, we are proving that Lebanon can play a role in solving world challenges in the agri-food sectors.

Last year, 12 teams were admitted to the Agrytech Accelerator Batch 2 of which 5 startups have made it to the final incubation phase of the program and have receiving $40K+ in funding!




Competing Participants


Final Pitches


Teams Created


Industry Challenges


Teams admitted to the Agrytech Accelerator


International and local experts




Incubated Startups


Read the stories of the teams who started at last year’s edition and got their startups rolling, joining bigger programs, getting all the support they need, and winning larger local and global competitions.

Mushtic: developing biodegradable materials from agricultural waste and mushroom

They started at last year’s Startup Weekend Mount Lebanon, organized by Berytech. Then, they took part in the Agrytech Hackathon 2018, got enrolled in Agrytech Accelerator Batch 2, and they’re currently finalists of the program. They recently won the 2019 Hult Prize Lebanon semifinals, which earned them a spot at the Hult Prize Global Accelerator program in London and kept them in the running for the first prize of $1 million in seed capital. The team also won the 3rd prize of the UN environment West Asia Award and will attend the Science, Policy and Business forum in the Fourth Session of the UN Environment Assembly – UNEA4.

IoTree: The smart solution to monitor and protect each farmer's plot

IoTree journey started during the Startup Weekend Mount Lebanon organized by Berytech, in which they won the first prize, making their way to competing in and winning the first prize of the Agrytech Hackathon 2018. They got a direct pass to the Agrytech Accelerator, and they’re currently among the finalists of batch 2. IOTree won awards at the LIRA Fund 2018 ceremony. The CEO – Nisrine El Turky got awarded as one of the top 3 women entrepreneurs of the year in the Arab countries. The startup won the Global Summit Venture Competition 2019 regional round and will be representing Lebanon in the finals in California. IOTree has just partnered with touch Telecom to work on the NB-IoT technology and received a golden pass to their Technology Innovation Program.



Digimart is a B2B e-commerce platform that connects retailers or hotels and restaurants to suppliers and distributors. The platform helps distributors promote their new, regular and discounted products instantly and directly to the retailers which will save them money, effort and time. Digimart started at the Agrytech Hackathon then successfully completed the first two phases of the Agrytech Accelerator Program and is now in its final phase.



Quadra is an optical fruit sorting machine, capable of sorting different types of fruits based on the international standards of size, color, and defects; utilizing the latest Machine Learning and Computer Vision technologies, coupled with state-of-the-art manufacturing, to provide the best levels of accuracy in grading, defect detection, and fruit handling. Quadra participated in the Agrytech Hackathon 2018 and got a free-pass to the Agrytech Accelerator after winning the NI challenge by the Berytech Fablab. Quadra successfully finished the first two phases of the Agrytech Accelerator Batch 2 and are now incubated in the last phase.



Yes, the venue will be accessible for participants to work from and stay in from Friday until the winners are announced on Sunday. Hot beverages and meals will be served. Participants are advised to bring with them their laptops, phone chargers and earphones, but also, a change of clothes if you’re planning on spending the night.

Read more suggestions here

The event is held at Berytech’s Innovation Park Mar Roukoz, in Mkalles (map). You can arrive by car, and there are dedicated parking spaces for you. We strongly suggest you car pool and/or use public transportation. For the field trips on Thursday, Berytech will be providing you with shuttles to the preset destinations based on the theme you are working on.

Berytech has a deal with CAREEM, use promo code BERYTECH to get 25% discount on your trip.
If you are already in one of the Berytech sites and you want to join us in Mar Roukoz, please use promo code INBERYTECH for 50% discount on your trip.

Berytech also supports CARPOLO. Download their app to use their services.

As a team, you are expected to present your software or hardware prototype and present a pitch deck about your suggested business model for your solution in a 3-minute pitch. It is okay if you were unable to have a functional prototype. We understand that sometimes code doesn’t work the way we want it to and this will not affect your score from the judges.

We recommend between 3 to 5 team members that have various skills including development, business, and design. However, we don’t have a limit to the number of people working on one idea.

If you are one person and don’t have a team to apply with, you have 2 options: (1) Apply with an idea, and work on it with a team formed during the Team Formation section on Friday or (2) Apply with no idea, and join a team working on a cool idea you like during the Hackathon.

Yes absolutely! If you don’t have an idea to work on, you can still participate in this amazing experience. At the event kick-off, there will be a Team Formation segment where teams and people will be matched based on skills and cool ideas they want to work on during the Hackathon.

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